Message From The President

Dear Members and Pyaree Saadh Sanggat Ji,
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa I Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh II

With Waheguru’s kirpa (God’s Grace) the opening of Gurdwara Sahib Subang on 20 April 2018 was an overwhelming success. Members of the Sikh community from far and near thronged the Gurdwara premises. They were very impressed with the facilities that were available for the Sanggat, especially for the old and those with special needs.

For your information, after completing the construction and equipping the Gurdwara Sahib with all the necessities to make it fully operational, we had outstanding payments to the Contractors amounting to approximately RM 250,000.00. Additionally, we had taken an interest free Friendly Loan of RM 600,000.00 from seven members of the community. So, the total debt stood at RM 850,000.00.

The Contractors, were very understanding and kindly allowed us to pay in instalments. Some of them even agreed to give us more time to make payment. I am now pleased to inform you that with your generous support, we have fully settled the payment to all the Contractors.

As for the RM 600,000.00 owed to the Friendly Lenders, we have commenced payment to four of them in instalments. The first payment was paid in July 2019. Upon settling their loans, we will then settle the loans of the other three lenders. With your continued support, we hope to settle all the Friendly Loans by the middle of 2020 or earlier if possible.

Dear Members and Pyaree Saadh Sanggat Ji, upon settling the Friendly Loan of all the seven gracious lenders, Subang Sikh Association Selangor/Gurdwara Sahib Subang will give greater focus on the total wellbeing of our community. We will lead the way in caring for our community.

Kindly spare some time to read our Vision and Mission Statements to better appreciate our direction and plans.

Dear Members and Pyaree Saadh Sanggat Ji, it is said that charity begins at home. So, we humbly request that as Sikhs, we help each other to ensure each and every Sikh is looked after and achieves his/her full potential. You can be part of this wonderful project by sponsoring the weekly programmes and/or Gurpurabs or by directing some of your Dasvandh to the following:

Thank you, Waheguru Ji bless you and your loved ones. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa I Waheguru Ji KI Fateh II


Amrick Singh Randhawa

The Constitution of Subang Sikh Association Selangor 

Subang Sikh Association Selangor

Vision and Mission Statement


Subang Sikh Association Selangor aspires to unite and bring the best out of the Sikh Community in Subang, Selangor.


Our mission is to transform lives by providing services, programmes, information, advocacy and outreach activities to meet the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the Sikh Community in Subang with a special focus on those who are vulnerable, isolated or at risk.

Subang Sikh Association Selangor

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY. Know and do what is right.
BE COMMITTED: Set high standards for your behaviour and adhere to them even in difficult situations.
BE COURAGEOUS: Stand up for what you believe is just and good.
BE HONEST: Choose words and actions that are sincere, not misleading.
BE DISCIPLINED: Remain dedicated and self-controlled, even when challenged.
BE RESILIENT: Learn from mistakes and losses; seize the opportunity to improve.

RESPECT. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
BE ACCEPTING: Support everyone’s worth and dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs.
BE CONSIDERATE: Always be aware of and honour others’ rights and feelings.
BE ATTENTIVE: Be ready to listen and learn from others.
BE ENCOURAGING: Demonstrate concern for the growth and development of all.
BE APPRECIATIVE: Value the guidance and contribution of all

RESPONSIBILITY. Embrace opportunities to contribute.
BE HELPFUL: Understand and advance the group’s positive goals.
BE CONSCIENTIOUS: Be aware and careful of the choices you make.
BE ACCOUNTABLE: Accept that your actions impact everyone around you.
BE PERSEVERING: Work through difficulty and discouragement in the pursuit of team objectives.
BE RELIABLE: Prove that others can depend on you.

LEADERSHIP. Serve the common good.
BE EMPOWERING: Inspire and help others to grow, succeed and lead.
BE VISIONARY: Raise expectations for yourself and the team.
BE INTERCONNECTED: Recognize the vital link between individual effort and group achievement.
BE GENEROUS: Freely contribute hard work and support to reach the team’s goals.
BE ENERGETIC: Initiate action – do what needs to be done.
BE HUMBLE: Serve with humility

SSAS (Subang Sikh Association Selangor) Exco Committee 2019

Amrick Singh Randhawa
Amrick Singh RandhawaPresident
Amanjeet Singh
Amanjeet SinghVice President
 Bhajan Kaur
Bhajan Kaur Vice President
Darshan Kaur
Darshan Kaur Vice President
Ranthir Kaur
Ranthir KaurSecretary
Jasbir Kaur
Jasbir KaurAsst Secretary
Kulwant Kaur
Kulwant KaurTreasurer
Terwander Singh
Terwander Singh Assistant Treasurer
Amarjit Singh
Amarjit SinghExco Member
Balvinder Singh
Balvinder SinghExco Member
Harjindar Kaur
Harjindar Kaur Exco Member
Jugindar Kaur
Jugindar KaurExco Member
Harjit Singh
Harjit SinghExco Member


In order to donate via PayPal or Credit Card, you may do so under the name of Gurdwara Sahib Subang Building Fund or send to GSSBFund PayPal ID “” in PayPal website or you may click the following Donate button.

Use your credit card or bank account (where available) by clicking the “continue” button at the bottom of shown PayPal page.

Account Name:  Gurdwara Sahib Subang Building Fund
A/C Number:  5-12222-61379-0
Bank Name:  Malayan Banking Berhad
Address:  C8-C10, Jln SS15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Swift Code:  MBBEMYKL

Please notify us your name & contact details upon Interbank or Online Transfer via:
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CHEQUES / MONEY ORDER/ POSTAL ORDER ARE MADE PAYABLE TO ACCOUNT NAME shown in Interbank Transfer Information and mail to :

Subang Sikh Association Selangor
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Selangor Darul Ehsan,

For your convenience, you may deposit your cheque(s) at any Bank in Malaysia direct into our Current Account shown in Inter-bank Transfer Information and notify us your name & contact details via:
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Amrick Singh  +6012-538 9061
Amanjeet Singh  +6019-320 3854
Kulwant Kaur  +6016-250 8040

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